Another Birth Photography Workshop for 2018!

Birth Photography Workshop 2018

Birth Photography is an exciting and rapidly growing genre that requires unwavering passion and dedication. It gives back so much in unparalleled experience, inspiration and friendship. It is a genre that I love with my whole heart and can’t imagine ever giving up.

In this workshop I’ll be sharing all my knowledge and personal experience of working as an exclusive birth photographer for the past 5.5 years. During this time I’ve photographed almost 80 births, been awarded AIPP NSW Documentary Photographer of the Year, built strong relationships with hospitals, midwives and obstetricians and worked on some other interesting birth related projects. I pour my heart and soul into my work and approach every client with openness, respect and pure intentions. This way of thinking forms the base for all of my interactions with families and medical professionals and is what I attribute my success to.

I’ll be covering so many important topics at the workshop including:

Birth space etiquette and how to build relationships with medical professionals

*Respecting the birth space

*Approach and demeanour

*Knowing when to press the shutter and when to refrain

*Respecting the partners

Understanding birth in it’s many forms and being prepared for what you might encounter                                                                                                                                                 

*Home birth, Hospital birth, Birth Centre birth, Caesarean and intervention birth will all  be discussed

The technicalities of shooting in low light, tight spaces and in a sometimes fast paced environment -I will be showing examples of successful shots and also some of my failures.                                                                                                                                

*Shooting in manual

*The equipment you will need for high quality images

*Being prepared to change settings quickly

Building a business through word of mouth and social media

*How to ensure your clients are always happy

*How to use social media effectively

Living life on call and juggling family life

*Keeping in touch with your clients

*Being prepared for birth at any time

Doing your best work and the benefits of generosity in business                               

*Maintaining a grateful mindset

*The importance of investing in your business

*Putting out your best work every time

The workshop will be held on Sunday the 22nd of July in the heart of Newcastle NSW. I will be inviting you into my welcoming, light filled home for an intimate day of nourishment, both mentally and physically. We will have morning tea, a delicious healthy lunch and we’ll finish the day with champagne and cheese to celebrate the exciting new direction of your life! Workshops can be very heavy with information and can sometimes leave you feeling a little overwhelmed, so I will be going through things slowly and you will have the ability to ask questions and take notes all throughout the day.

The workshop will run from 9:00am until 5:00pm, followed by an opportunity to speak with me one on one, and ask any lingering questions at the end of the day, as well as chat with the other attendees and build personal relationships with people who share your love of birth.

The cost for this full day workshop will be $650. All payments will be by direct deposit. Spaces for this workshop will be limited to 8 people so I would advise getting in touch as soon as you decide you would like to attend. 

To register for this workshop and ensure you don’t miss out on a place, please email me directly at 

I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your passion for this incredible genre!

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