Day One Sessions

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Day One. That first precious day when you open your eyes and instantly remember the incredible events of the day before. And then you hear a faint sniffly sound beside your bed and your heart skips a beat. For in that little bed lies the most beautiful tiny being you have ever laid eyes on. Perfection wrapped up in a blanket.

This first day of your baby’s life is one you will never get back and struggle to later recall, as the oxytocin still surges, enveloping you in a bubble of hazy bliss. Your body is so smart and has already commenced recovery from birth and is preparing to feed. And your baby has lost that newborn swelling and has settled into a perfect shade of pink. It truly is the most wondrous and fleeting moment. On this day, or perhaps the next, is often when Grandparents and older siblings come to meet their new family member. It’s also a day for new parents to just sit and gaze at their creation and take in every detail. It’s a day worthy of recording so you can look back when the memories are hazy, and once again be filled with the magic of that amazing time.

While you have your arms, hearts and minds full to overflowing, I will come to the hospital or home during the first 48 hours after birth, and capture this time for you. I will arrive at a time convenient for you and stay for 1-2hrs, taking unposed, natural images to document all the details of this brand new person, as well as the moments when your family meet your baby. Within 2 weeks I will send you a customised USB with at least 30 high res images, which you are free to print as many times as you like. The cost for this package is $750. A $400 deposit is paid on booking to secure your place in my schedule and the remaining $350 balance is to be paid following our shoot.

You are very welcome to express to me what details of this time are most important to you, and I will do my absolute best to capture those. It’s also a beautiful time to document the first moments in a breastfeeding journey or even your baby having their first bath. There is no limit on how many people can be present and captured in these images.