The Birth Of Hugh

AP3A5487It’s such an honour to be asked to photograph a birth, but to be welcomed back a second and third time by a family truly humbles me.
The birth of Mel & Ryan’s son Max was one of my first ever births, followed a couple of years later with the arrival of his sister Eadie. Late last year we got to do it all over again when they welcomed the final piece of their family, sweet baby Hugh.
I fell in love with their family right from the start (they are spectacularly good people) and also with the way Mel approaches birth, with complete confidence and excitement. This most recent birth was no different. They arrived at hospital with Mel already 9cm dilated and almost ready to meet her baby. Ryan had ‘caught’ the previous two babes and was eagerly ready to do the same again. Mel laboured beautifully with Ryan utterly attentive as always, until the time arrived for him to kiss her one last time before carrying out this monumental moment of fatherhood.
I don’t have the words to adequately thank this family for sharing their most important days with me but the thought of Max, Eadie and Hugh being able to see the way they were welcomed into this world brings me endless joy. XO

2 thoughts on “The Birth Of Hugh

  1. Hi Kate, wow, it has been so fun seeing your big burts of edited movies sharing !!!

    If you have any mums birthing in the next few months, they may enjoy delving depper into their conscious journey via this rare workshop that Daniella is running at the Newcastle Birth Movement space.

    See ya around 🙂 Nat


    1. Yes, I have FINALLY gotten around to adding some content to my website. Makes me realise how blessed I have been in recent years to witness such beautiful births! I will be sure to refer to Daniella’s workshop. 🙂

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