Australian College of Midwifery presentation

I was invited to give a presentation at the Australian College of Midwifery’s annual conference this weekend, with my beautiful and inspiring friend, Jenni Doust who is the manager of Hunter Midwifery Group Practice and Belmont Midwives. Unfortunately I already had women booked in to give birth at the time when the conference was scheduled, so I was unable to travel at that time. Jen suggested that I video my part of the presentation and she would present in person for us both. As it turned out, I was actually photographing a beautiful homebirth at the very moment when Jen was presenting. It was the type of undisturbed birth that we both believe in to the depths of our beings, so I was very much with her in spirit.

This is my part of our presentation, which also includes a slideshow that celebrates 16 years of Belmont Midwifery Group Practice providing the most beautiful care for Hunter women.

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