Last Saturday, my alarm went off at 4:30am! I am not renowned for my early rising skills, but I was pretty happy to be getting out of bed that morning. I had a plane to catch, which would take me to Brisbane, in time for breakfast and then on to a very special workshop I had enrolled in. One whole day of Birth Photography, being taught by two of QLD’s best birth photographers and videographers. They are the talented and delightful Lana Bell from and Georgia Brizuela of It was so great to go and spend the day with other people, who like me, feel that birth is very much an event to be documented. And to listen to these great photographers speak on all matters regarding birth and photographing this precious event. A huge array of topics were covered. Everything from camera equipment and settings, through to the stages of birth, and how best to document this in a beautiful, honest and real way. I just loved being in their company, as it made me realise that I’m not crazy for believing that the day a couple welcome their child into the world is more defining than perhaps even their wedding day, and that this alone makes it so worthy of recording. I have done so much research and poring over other birth photographers websites in the last six months. It makes me so happy to see how this style of photography is being embraced the world over, and it’s not such a rare thing anymore for a Mum to start looking for a birth photographer soon after she discovers she’s pregnant. I am hugely regretful that I had no photos taken whilst in labour with my first four children, and only a quick (and poorly executed) snap soon after the baby was placed in my arms. Still, they are easily the most important photos I will ever own.
To get an idea of one amazing photographer who has been inspiring me and bringing tears to my eyes on many late nights, go to: and see the breath taking work of Lynsey Stone, of Dallas Fort Worth.

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