Last month I was supposed to be photographing the birth of a beautiful little girl. Her Mum and Dad had been patiently awaiting her arrival, and so was I….perhaps not as patiently. I was seriously stressed about getting to the birth in time, as it was on the other side of Sydney! As it turns out, my fears were quite founded, as she was born at about 3am, just short of two hours after I received her mums phone call, and just as I was making my way through Sydney.
Although I was disappointed to miss the event, I still went to the hospital in the middle of the night, to meet some exceptionally lovely people who I had previously only spoken with on the phone.
Craig and Neri, it was such an honour to be invited into your precious and private space, with your beautiful Lani. Although I missed the birth, just meeting you guys solidified in my mind how much I want to follow this exciting and unpredictable career path. Thank you!

Lani 3 copy

Lani 11 for blog copy

Lani 37 copy

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