Between Christmas and holidays, I have fallen behind with my blog! I haven’t yet told you about the birth of Elliott back in October…
When I met Kate for the very first time over a coffee, we discussed the impending arrival of her first baby and how she was feeling about it all. She was filled with all the nervousness and uncertainty that women who have never experienced childbirth always are. They have not yet been convinced through experience of the awesome strength and endurance they are capable of. There was also some clarity in Kate’s mind though. She was sure she would be delivering her baby naturally, and that certainty paid off during the lengthy labour and delivery of beautiful Elliott. With her husband Scott supporting her, along with her Mum who had travelled from California to be present for this moment, Kate mustered the strength within her and little Elliott arrived healthy and safe to the delight of all who were waiting for him.
Thankyou Kate and Scott for welcoming me in to your sacred birth space. The pleasure was all mine. x

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