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When I first met with Kass and Brett, the thing that struck me most was how much thought this pregnant mum had given to her upcoming birth. She had written up the most comprehensive birth plan I have ever read and there were no questions left unanswered about how she ideally wanted things to go. She was really hoping for a VBAC this time round. After failing to dilate during labour with her last baby, she hoped that this second time things were going to pan out differently. We discussed all the possibilities of what might happen and how she could potentially end up in theatre for another caesarian, but most of all we just hoped for a healthy baby at the end, any way it came.
When I arrived at the hospital Kass was looking comfortable after having had an epidural, so we had a chance to chat and laugh and she gave me the story of how her labour had unfolded so far. We just needed to wait for her Obstetrician to examine her and make the call on what would happen next. Unfortunately it turned out to be the same decision as last time, and off to theatre she headed. I was unable to go into theatre with them, but Brett did an amazing job of capturing all the moments of their beautiful daughter arriving into the world. Little Abigail was perfect and healthy and lovely and here! Kass didn’t fare so well during the surgery and had some serious complications, so after sitting in the waiting room for a couple of hours, I was eventually told that I wouldn’t be able to go into recovery.
On day three, I went back to the hospital to finally meet this new little girl, and she was so beautiful and so perfect that all the drama that surrounded her arrival just melted away.
You are amazing Kass! You demonstrated such resilience during the week of Abbey’s birth. Your children are blessed to have such a strong mum! And Brett, your love and concern for your wife was a beautiful thing to witness. I hope that this slideshow helps you to remember all the fun, laughter and beauty in Abigail’s birth. x

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