The Birth of Noah

AP3A1377Some months back I was asked by one of our beautiful Belmont midwives if I would be available to photograph the birth of her Grandchild. Of course I said yes!
Emily had a couple of frustrating days of early labour before she decided the time had come to head to the Belmont Birth Centre. We had the birth centre to ourselves, and a few glorious hours settling into the environment ensued during the afternoon. Emily’s little boy Finn had come along to welcome his brother into the world and he was free to run around and play whilst his Mum prepared herself for birth, both mentally and physically.
Emily was shown the gentlest of undivided care by her midwife Jen, intuitively knowing exactly what she needed at any given moment. After the sun had long gone down and the world was quiet, with big brother Finn watching on, baby Noah arrived into the waiting hands of his Mother and Grandmother. My deepest desire is for every mother to feel this level of care in her birth, regardless of how or where it takes place.
K. x

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