The Homebirth Of Theodore

AP3A3447If you have followed me for a few years you would likely recall the beautiful homebirth of Quinn. He was born in a birth pool on the hottest day of 2017 with his two big brothers watching on.
On a cool night in September, Quinn took his place with his two big brothers beside the birth pool to welcome their newest brother, Theodore! Andy was the perfect support person again, knowing exactly what his wife needed at any given moment and Akushla birthed this baby just as spectacularly as she had the others, trusting unequivocally in her body and her birth team. I missed my own daughter’s birthday cake to attend Theo’s birth but felt utterly honoured to share a birthing day with this incredible woman and mother.
Endless thanks to Andy & Kush for allowing me to share their moments with all of you, and also to the beautiful Belmont Midwives who continue to inspire me with their undivided care of women and families. X

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