The Births of 2018

LS6A1732I feel like I struggle to explain sometimes just how mind blowingly incredible my job is. I get to see brand new people arriving into our world! People who I imagine I might run into years from now, and I might tell them that I watched them take their first breath. I see partners in times of such vulnerability and completely overwhelmed by the instinct to protect their loves. And I get to see women in the most magnificent moment of their lives, beaming with absolute radiance! I am privileged and honoured.
Here is my attempt to show you some of what I saw in 2018, complete with snippets of video so you can really feel it. To the medical professionals who I work alongside (often in the middle of the night), thankyou for always making space for me and making me feel like a valued member of the birth team. To my clients from this year, and every year before, I am forever indebted to you for gifting me such a spectacular career. K. XO

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