The Boxing Day Birth Of Ruby

LS6A3872The call from Mel came just as I was sipping a cup of tea following Boxing Day lunch. Baby Ruby had decided to let us all enjoy a relaxing Christmas, but today was to be the day!
The last time I was in a birth suite with Mel and Ben, it was to photograph their first baby Zoe arrive in a natural breech delivery. This second birth was no less inspiring, with Mel calmly working her way through the surges and trusting the ability of her body. Ruby didn’t keep us waiting long, soon enough we were drinking tea (again) and eating Christmas cupcakes with brand new wide eyes looking up at us. What a perfect day to be born!
I have so much gratitude to Mel and Ben for once again showing such generosity and openness with their precious images. And also to Nettie, one of the greatest midwives I’ve ever encountered. X

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